Stop using the point system to force participation

A Greek Tragedy

My workload that semester had been more than overwhelming, and I was running tight on money, so attending every Greek event wasn’t realistic. Additionally, I hadn’t been excused for missing our sorority’s weekly meeting because I had missed them to study, which didn’t count as an acceptable excuse.
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How to get iClicker points without attending class

iClickers make it really hard to fall behind in a class. They keep us accountable for showing up to lecture and stop us from declaring that the school day is over (when we in fact still have two more lectures). We at the Clog are in no way encouraging academic dishonesty or cheating, but are instead setting forth a few creative alternatives in place of trekking to class and sitting through lecture.
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How to quickly raise your participation grade

It’s the last week of classes, and your last worry before dead week is your participation grade. Whether you were too shy to ask questions or too absent to have any, a bad participation mark is now an existing threat to your final grade. But, it’s not too late. We at the
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