ASUC Senate discusses advocacy, passes bill in support of international community

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William Webster/File
At its meeting Wednesday, the ASUC Senate had presentations from CalPIRG, PATH to Care and the Open Computing Facility. During the meeting, the ASUC Senate also voted on four resolutions, with all but Encouraging Effective Personnel Transitions in ASUC Chartered Programs passing.

During the ASUC Senate meeting Wednesday, senators and executives expressed support for the international community and passed several resolutions, with one resolution urging UC Berkeley to provide additional support for international students.
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UC Berkeley needs more funding for sexual assault survivors

Content Warning: Sexual assault, sexual harassment The effects of sexual violence and sexual harassment, or SVSH, on survivors are innumerable and often intangible in their enormity. For students, sexual violence and harassment can result in post-traumatic stress disorder, decreased ability to perform academically, damaged relationships and a lost sense of
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