Peace be upon you

How to Muslim for Dummies

My typical week writing for The Daily Californian has pretty much followed the same basic routine this summer. When the day sneaks up for me to submit another article to my editor, I spend a good 80 percent of my time racking my brain for what part of my religion
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Nobel Prizes for the unaccomplished

Theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions, ending a 50-year-long civil war, the synthesis of molecular machines — these are the accomplishments that garnered Nobel Prizes in 2016. Their achievements are truly modern miracles of thought. While this year’s winners showcase their world-changing achievements, we at UC Berkeley continue to toil
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Where to eat your lunch in peace on campus

As perpetually stressed UC Berkeley students, we often encounter occasions when we need a break from school and from people in general. As our workload gets heavier and heavier coming into the sixth week of term and with midterms approaching imminently, it might be time to take a moment to
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Cal in the Capital: spend your summer in Washington D.C.

Like every other overachiever at UC Berkeley, it’s already time to start thinking about what you’ll be doing this summer. While the options for internships, classes and research are plentiful here in Berkeley, there’s nothing wrong with needing a change of scenery. For those of you who want to channel your
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Rethinking what it means to die

Student Bodies

I’m writing this from a cramped plane seat, on my way to visit an elderly relative for his birthday. He has terminal cancer, and it is uncomfortable to admit it, but this birthday will probably be his last. His imminent death has been a difficult subject to talk about; when
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