Infographic depicting ways to improve instant ramen

Elevate your instant ramen with these creative tips

Instant ramen is a staple for every college student, but what should you do when you have 10 packs of instant ramen left and you’re tired of eating the same thing over and over again? Well, fear not! The Clog’s got your back with some creative ways you can elevate your ramen game.
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Best smoothies in Berkeley

This past week, we were blessed with nice, sunny and gorgeous weather. Though the weather has since taken a turn for the less pleasant, while it was still nice, we at Eating Berkeley went out on a mission to find the best smoothies in area. Here are some of our favorites.
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PEACH: An interview with founder and UC Berkeley alumnus

Last summer, Sellegit Inc., a company that originated at our beloved UC Berkeley campus, recently launched its first auctioning app on the Apple Store: PEACH. This company was founded by five UC Berkeley Class of 2013 undergraduates in 2013. The Clog sat down for an interview with head founder Jeff Zhang
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