Berkeley City Council should revisit agreement with UC Board of Regents over Long Range Development Plan

CITY AFFAIRS: By holding a closed session, the city of Berkeley may have violated the Brown Act.

Illustration of a dark conference room with scenes from Berkeley in the background
Jericho Tang/Staff

City Council should revisit the Long Range Development Plan — including allocation plans for the UC’s $82.6 million payment — in an open session. Berkeley residents must, at the very least, be in the room where that decision happens.
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Probe – People’s Park

When a couple of hundred activists and friends in Berkeley turned an empty mud pit into a park in 1969, everyone was in high spirits. A month later, the national guard had taken over the city of Berkeley. This is that story. Produced by Tanya Chawla and reported by Jacob
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Photo of The Daily Californian Office

150 Years of The Daily Californian

We scoured more than 100 years of digital archives to highlight notable events from campus and Daily Cal history. From the very first game at Memorial Stadium to the Milo Yiannopoulos protests, we compiled headlines from nearly every decade since the Daily Cal was founded in 1871. So sit back, relax and take a scroll through history.
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