Pepsi contract remains unsigned

Although campus stakeholders hoped to have the new campus beverage contract — which was previously held with Coca-Cola Co. — signed by the end of August, it has not yet been finalized.

Pepsi vending machine

Vending of new partner’s drinks begins at UC Berkeley

Though a new beverage contract with PepsiCo Inc. has yet to be signed, the campus has recently begun to sell the company’s products with the expectation of signing a contract in the near future. The campus’s prior contract with Coca-Cola Co. expired Aug. 3 after a 10-year term, but campus
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New campus beverage contract with Pepsi is likely

UC Berkeley’s 10-year beverage contract with Coca-Cola Co., which has previously been highly scrutinized by some students on campus, expired Wednesday and will likely be followed by a new contract with PepsiCo Inc. In May, the university released a request for proposal which stated the minimum requirements necessary for beverage
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