Parcel tax for Peralta Community College District passes

The June 5 primary resulted in the passage of a measure that increases much-needed funding to the Peralta Community College District. The district sought a two-thirds voter approval in yesterday’s primary in order to be able to levy a special parcel tax, named Measure B. The measure eventually passed with
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B true to your schools

Vote ‘yes’ to impose a $48-per-year parcel tax to support our struggling local community colleges in Alameda County.

We are not alone. Consumed by talks of University of California budget cuts and tuition hikes, we sometimes forget that the UC system is not the only institution of higher education in the state that is suffering. Measure B aims to alleviate the financial difficulty of the Peralta Community College
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UCSA Board of Directors votes to explore moving funds out of U.S. Bank

Fueled by a nationwide trend born out of the Occupy movement that encourages a distrust of large corporate banks, the UC Student Association Board of Directors voted unanimously Saturday to look into moving the association’s funds from a large corporate bank to smaller local banks. The bill, which follows similar
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