The period talk

Thinking Outside the Binary

No matter how much I have distanced myself from womanhood, I still have to deal with a part of myself that is gendered by others.
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The “P Word”

Contrary to what you may see on television, my vagina doesn’t bleed translucent blue solvent. When I speak passionately or assert myself, it does not mean I am reaching that time of month. And, for the record, you know you can say the word, right? Period. The fact is, we
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He is her ‘question mark’

In a world so consumed by the need to label every detail of our lives, perhaps we get too caught up in the intricacies of using the overwhelming plethora of words at our disposal to describe our romantic and sexual endeavors. We would be better off describing them in terms of a simplified set of punctuation marks.
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Blood is the new black

Sex on Tuesday

Maybe it’s the teenage girl in me talking, but there’s something about the surge in vampire films that has given blood sucking and hunting a renewed social capital in the depraved sex lives of our generation of perverts.
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