Reggae: the new Rosetta Stone

It was a warm winter night in the Peruvian rainforest as we stumbled off the boat and back to our cabins on the shore of the Tambopata River. The boat’s motor was turned off, its gentle whirring giving way to the tweeting and chirping of an enormous and endless array of invisible creatures, each as mysterious to us as we were to them. Walking alongside us, our tour guide, Gustavo, was humming a Bob Marley song.
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Goodbye to Brasa, the Peruvian ‘joint’

As both a freshman and a foodie, one of the first things I set out to do upon my arrival at Cal was to survey Berkeley’s local food scene, which I discovered is not only thriving but also growing. After scouring the likes of Yelp and Open Table, Brasa caught my
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Happy Birthday BART

Immutable Orange

This September, BART celebrated its 40th anniversary. Besides a reason to celebrate BART for free ice cream giveaways and a promotion giving away 1,000 $40 BART tickets, it is interesting to look back and see how the role of the public in public transportation has changed in the United States
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