Adopt Laura’s Law to improve mental health treatment

CITY AFFAIRS: Laura’s Law, which is being considered by Alameda County, is a safe, humane way to provide treatment for the mentally ill.

If fully adopted in Alameda County, Laura’s Law will be an effective means of getting treatment to some of the county’s most vulnerable and neglected citizens.
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A year in review

January: Anthropology Library Occupation After a group of demonstrators occupied the campus anthropology library, the campus administration agreed to restore its previously curtailed hours. February 18: Death of Peter Cukor Controversy arose after a Berkeley resident was killed while police were monitoring an Occupy protest nearby. February: Occupy Emails Administrators’
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Cukor’s family criticizes police response on night of death

The family of a Berkeley resident who was bludgeoned to death outside his home earlier this year is now criticizing the police response the night of the killing. The sons of Peter Cukor, Christopher and Alexander Cukor, spoke to press Friday at the office of their attorney R. Lewis Van Blois to set
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