photo of Willow

Photo Essay: Fall 2021 Concerts

In fall 2021, live music came back more vibrantly than ever after having stopped completely during the lockdowns at the outset of the pandemic. From shows in small venues to massive multiday festivals, the Bay Area came alive with concerts to suit listeners of all persuasions. All the while, our
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20 on '20: A Daily Bruin and Daily Californian collaboration

20 on ’20: A portrait series

Joining forces in a reflective portrait series, The Daily Californian and Daily Bruin photographers asked 20 college students three questions to help them explore what the last 12 months meant to them. Here’s what they had to say.     What advice would you give to yourself a year ago?
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Photo of vote sign

Photo Essay: 2020 Election

On Tuesday, registered American voters all over the country upheld their civic duty: the right and responsibility to vote. Although many voters mailed in or dropped off their ballots to minimize exposure to COVID-19 on Election Day, voting locations across the nation and in Alameda County were active in making
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Photo Essay: Wildfire Smoke

On Wednesday, California residents woke up to their cities enveloped in a dark, orange-red sky, thick with particles of smoke. Though the orange-red hue morphed into a heavy, pale smog later in the day, the atmosphere demonstrated just how alarming climate change is. In the apocalyptic, orangish light that foreshadowed
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A photo essay on UC Berkeley's colleges

Photo Essay: Schools in session

UC Berkeley’s 14 schools and colleges offer a nearly endless supply of degrees — from undergraduate minors in education to doctorate programs in information management. What do they all have in common? The students, who act as a constant source of ingenuity and passion on campus.
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Dwinelle Hall bathroom graffiti: a review

Let’s face it: Dwinelle Hall probably has the most objectively disgusting bathrooms on campus. Complete with toilets encased in plastic bags and an odor that reminds us of poop, B.O. and cheap perfume all at the same time, Dwinelle bathrooms should be avoided at all costs. Except, that is, when
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