Photo Essay: Schools in session

A photo essay on UC Berkeley's colleges
Ketki Samel/Staff
Students in Chemistry 115, "Organic Chemistry — Advanced Laboratory Methods," perform an experiment in Latimer Hall. The College of Chemistry houses three undergraduate majors — chemistry, chemical biology and chemical engineering — along with master's and doctoral programs.

UC Berkeley’s 14 schools and colleges offer a nearly endless supply of degrees — from undergraduate minors in education to doctorate programs in information management. What do they all have in common? The students, who act as a constant source of ingenuity and passion on campus.
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Dwinelle Hall bathroom graffiti: a review

Let’s face it: Dwinelle Hall probably has the most objectively disgusting bathrooms on campus. Complete with toilets encased in plastic bags and an odor that reminds us of poop, B.O. and cheap perfume all at the same time, Dwinelle bathrooms should be avoided at all costs. Except, that is, when
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Photo Essay: Poems in the stalls

The public restroom stall: a paradoxical space that exists with the explicit purpose of providing privacy yet is public in both nature and name. Used and shared by all, these chambers provide an otherwise unattainable amount of privacy on a college campus with almost 40,000 students. Perhaps this is why
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Photo Essay: Venturing north

This spring break, I had the opportunity to travel through the Pacific Northwest to experience Seattle, Portland, and everything in between. Far from the typical, tropical spring break destinations of Mexico and Miami, we found ourselves immersed in the rainy and cold climate that persists in the Northwest most days
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Photo essay: A tribute to photography

From the very moment I picked up a camera, I knew I had stumbled upon something remarkable. I always toiled around in various creative pursuits but never was able to bring about the image I saw in my head. That changed on my ninth birthday, when my dad gave me
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