Nikon film camera

Artistry, vintage and modern: A personal essay

In defense of the film camera

The summer before high school started, I found a dated film camera while scouting my father’s desk drawer in our study: a Nikon FM2 made in the early 1980s. With only minor scratches on its body and a lens and a viewfinder that were slightly blurred, the camera — well
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Snapchat guide take two: the snappening

In our last Snapchat guide, we at the Clog provided some unbeatable tips on improving your Snapchat story. Now that summer has arrived and you’re separated from nearly everyone you know, social media will become an even more important part of communication in the coming months, especially with regards to any romantic
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Locals only

We’ve all done it before — scoffed at the tourists gaping in the hometowns we’ve come to take for granted. Coming home from college definitely comes with a newfound appreciation for being a local and, with that, an entitled sense of all-knowingness. So here’s to all of those Internet dweebs out there who come to our sacred places of living and have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.
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Photo essay: A tribute to photography

From the very moment I picked up a camera, I knew I had stumbled upon something remarkable. I always toiled around in various creative pursuits but never was able to bring about the image I saw in my head. That changed on my ninth birthday, when my dad gave me
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How to Instagram your dining hall food

One of the eternal struggles for college students is how to act as though you’re living large when, really, you’re just struggling to find quarters for laundry. Nowhere does this conundrum present itself so fully as in one’s Instagram feed and eating habits. You feel as though you deserve lobster
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