Celebrating Pi Day 2015

March 14th 2015 marked the 27th annual Pi Day, the mathematical holiday founded at San Francisco’s Exploratoriaum. Filmed and edited by Kaitlyn Kraybill

More than 3.14 ways to celebrate Pi Day

Because it’s 2015 (if you’re into numbers), this could be the most special Pi Day you will ever live through. On Saturday at exactly 9:26.53 (both in the morning and at night), be sure you’re celebrating in some way. Not exactly sure what to do? We at the Clog have your back with
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Happy Pi Day, QT3.14s!

Here at UC Berkeley, nerdy is definitely sexy. As one of the hottest colleges in the nation, UC Berkeley loves celebrating Pi(e)! Today, the Math Undergraduate Students Association, Undergraduates Economic Association, Undergraduate Statistics Association and Women in Mathematics (whew!) will also be hosting a celebration in Evans Hall from 4
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Celebrating Pi Day at Crossroads

Usually the first Greek letter taught in mathematics, pi is the silent guardian of circles, the caretaker of conics and the troublemaker of trigonometry (see pi vs tau). It’s the only Greek numeral to have a federally recognized holiday and be included in the title of one of this year’s Academy Award winners. So for us
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