Learning first generation

Stories from the Book

There is no easy answer to those questions, just as there was no easy answer for me as I navigated being a first-generation Indian American growing up.
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An illustration of columnist Annalise Kamegawa.

Annalise: Doesn’t know music

At This Point

But I did realize that my freshman year of college has marked a start of a significant period in my life — one in which I’ve begun to hear the music that plays behind my dearest memories.
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Beethoven’s sick beats

It was cool at the time

Because I wasn’t immediately learning what I wanted to play, I wasn’t interested. I didn’t pay attention at all for the first two months of lessons. Apparently, during that period he taught me how to read music, and I missed all of it.
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How to make the most of the last days of summer

As the time goes by and summer draws to a close, we are filled with regret for the things we said we would do but didn’t. We told ourselves we’d try something new, get some summer reading done, etc. We have a few weeks before classes officially start, and instead
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UC Berkeley’s Symphony Orchestra closes on a beautiful note

Playing with textures, rhythms and musical shapes, the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra closed its fall season with a dynamic program of pieces from the modernist and contemporary eras of classical music from Dec. 11-13 at Hertz Hall. Incorporating selections from Witold Lutoslawski, Gyorgy Ligeti and Richard Strauss, the orchestra combined
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