6 habits to become ‘that girl’

Illustration of a girl living her best life
Kelsey Choe/File

Do you want to become “that girl?” The girl who has her life together and manages to stay productive throughout the day? The girl who prepares healthy meals with whole, unprocessed foods? The girl who moves her body at the gym, outdoors or on a yoga mat in her living room to achieve physical fitness? The girl who studies hard and takes typewriter-esque, color-coordinated notes to review at the end of each lecture? The girl who reads for pleasure and finishes a novel each week? The girl who never misses a step in her morning and nightly self-care routine — managing to always look put together in a chic outfit, with her skin glowing and hair voluminous? 
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6 RSF classes to take before you die/graduate

Health of body means health of mind. More than anything, we Bears need the latter to function, unless you’re using your time here just for the gym membership. But in any case, this list of classes in the Recreational Sports Facility prove that all excuses to delay burning away those
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