VMAs descend into mediocrity

Caragh McErlean/Senior Staff

The MTV Video Music Awards have never been about subtlety. Since its inception in the 1980s, the MTV’s trademark summer entertainment has been notorious for throwing prestige to the sidelines and letting spectacle takes the stage. The show has cultivated numerous iconic and scandalous pop culture moments, from Britney Spears’
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Pink: The Truth About Love

Pop’s self-proclaimed punk princess/perpetual party-girl has released her latest album, The Truth About Love, at a point in her life when she should be best qualified to remark on the subject with the eyes of a seasoned veteran. Whereas her previous album, Funhouse, was a post breakup, revenge-fueled swing at
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This Week in Arts

VISUAL ART If there was one Bay Area show this fall that could best capture what is currently happening in contemporary art, it would be “Stand Tall Pt. III” opening on Saturday night at Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery. This week, 38 artists are coming from near and far to
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