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I ‘for sure’ know what you’re saying

College Core

It’s a strange, liminal space very few kids acknowledge. This new identity, which I have quickly tried on and am still learning to adjust to, is trying and incredibly difficult to fit into sometimes, as if there’s a script and my delivery is always just a little off.
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Read Rosemarie: It’s been a (guilty) pleasure

This is my last column. Which means it’s my last chance to speak directly to my adoring public through this surreal and unreasonably influential platform. To prepare for my au revoir, I’ve been reading a lot of other columnists’ final columns for inspiration. Which is fitting, considering my column has
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The Kayak Chronicles

The kayak shop ran like a makeshift haven for surfers, dropouts and convicted felons. Our boss, Jimmy, was of the dropout faction since he left some Arizona college in the ’80s to move back home and marry his high-school sweetheart. Or so it went, according to the girls who worked
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Tunesday: World Cup Anthems

In the last few weeks, The World Cup has taken over. Suddenly everyone has become avid soccer fanatics with a passionate sense of nationalism, and the matches have conquered TVs that used to play the likes of news or reality shows. Therefore, we decided to stick with this sentiment and
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