Quiz: Can you name that DeCal?

DeCals are a great way to get extra units and study something you’ve always been curious about. They give you a chance to explore quirky and ultra-specialized topics that you never would have made time for without some sort of incentive. And DeCal topics can definitely get pretty specific. We’re sure
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Why we love Fentons Creamery

When it comes to great ice cream destinations like Ici and CREAM, Fentons Creamery is definitely a treasured Bay Area ice cream parlor. Fentons Creamery is the perfect place for gatherings, dates, kids and especially those who are kids at heart. And Pixar also agrees! Fentons was featured in Pixar’s
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Monster-sized advertising for ‘Monster’s University’

Pixar fan or not, you’d have to be living under the world’s largest rock not to have heard of this summer’s most recent animated release: “Monster’s University.” The advertising campaign for this prequel has been off the charts (we haven’t personally checked any, but we’re sure if we did, that
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‘Monsters University’ is a screaming good time

Breaking away from the tradition of “Cars” and “Toy Story,” Pixar’s “Monsters University” is a prequel to 2001’s “Monsters, Inc.” that tells the story of how Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan became best friends. While not quite overtaking the spectacular original, “Monsters University” does a masterful job of fully
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10 movies to watch this summer

Now that summer is finally here, we all finally have time to watch the movies we’ve been squealing over for so long! Even if you’re busy with an internship or summer class, there’s still more time over the weekend to go to the movies than during a regular semester. Here
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Pixar previews ‘Monsters University’

Shanna Holako got a sneak peak of ‘The Blue Umbrella’ and ‘Monsters University’

It’s hard to say no to Pixar when the animation studio invites you to its major national and international press day. Pixar Animation Studios, situated a mere three miles from UC Berkeley’s campus, opened up its own collegiate affair, “Monsters University.” Inspired by 2001’s “Monsters, Inc.,” Pixar is premiering the
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Pixar Interview: “The Blue Umbrella”

Arts writer Soojin Chang sits down with the director/writer and producer of “The Blue Umbrella,” the Pixar short that will open “Monsters University.”