Incumbent Susan Wengraf leads race for Berkeley City Council District 6 seat

Photo of Susan Wengraf
John Blaustein/Courtesy
Since being elected to Berkeley City Council’s District 6 seat in 2008, incumbent Susan Wengraf has focused on wildfire safety, playing a large role in placing Measure F on voters’ ballots this year. Wengraf is currently leading the District 6 race for City Council, with 74.56% of the vote as of press time.

As mail-in votes continue to be counted, incumbent Susan Wengraf is leading with 74.56% of the vote for Berkeley City Council District 6 over opponent Richard Illgen, as of press time.
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Former ASUC student leaders: Where are they now?

Some former ASUC members have become politicians, including state Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, who served as the academic affairs vice president and a leader in the anti-apartheid movement on campus during her time as a UC Berkeley student.
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