Planning ahead

Off the Beat

I hadn’t planned for these moments, but they were just as valuable as the things I’d accounted for in my planner — if not more so.
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Events policy maintains campus commitment to free speech, safety

We wish to offer additional comments in response to your recent editorial about the campus’s interim major events policy that applies to nondepartmental users, including Registered Student Organizations, CalGreeks fraternities and sororities, the ASUC and the Graduate Assembly and off-campus clients. We must note the editorial exaggerates the actual impact
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Making meal points stretch to last the semester

When you come into a new semester, it can be confusing figuring out how to make your meal points last you the whole time. You’re given a lump sum of points and very little direction about how much you should be using them, what they really represent and where you can
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Best ways to fight inevitable midterm stress

It’s that time again. Our favorite time of the year. The time that brings us so much joy and happiness and sunshine. The time that we have all be waiting and hoping for. Mhm, that’s right: Midterm season is upon us! No one really knows how it crept up so
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Looking beyond the buildings

Urban Animal

One night last spring, I went hiking with a housemate whom I disliked but who had brought whiskey along. On the way to the Big C, I told him I was living off of coffee, sleeping in class and wearing dirty clothes. For both of us, at some point the
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