Illustration of two cartoon people being torn apart by giant hands in front of a screen that says "SCHEDULE".

Scheduled: A short story

The events and names in this story are all fictitious. The girl wakes up on the first day of every month with fear and anticipation. On the nightstand beside her is her phone; when she turns it on, it does not display the usual home screen but instead the big
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Planning ahead

Off the Beat

I hadn’t planned for these moments, but they were just as valuable as the things I’d accounted for in my planner — if not more so.
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Events policy maintains campus commitment to free speech, safety

We wish to offer additional comments in response to your recent editorial about the campus’s interim major events policy that applies to nondepartmental users, including Registered Student Organizations, CalGreeks fraternities and sororities, the ASUC and the Graduate Assembly and off-campus clients. We must note the editorial exaggerates the actual impact
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