Poetic Pontification: On poetic community

Berkeley has been home to many poets in the past, and today is no different. This week, Melina sits down with Taylor Stoneman, a poet from Arizona, who found Berkeley to be the perfect place for her poetry to flourish.

Bear Necessities: Coffee at Cal

Who doesn’t like to go to cafes that feel like home? Developing friendships, meeting new people, thinking of home and even for a simple break from studying, join Muskaan as she talks to some people about their most amazing memories at different Berkeley cafes.

Poetic Pontification: On Selfishness

In this episode, Melina sits down with 4 members of UC Berkeley’s Live Poets Society to talk all things poetry. They discuss topics from style and form to feelings and selfishness, and why poetry may be “the most selfish form of art.”

Poetic Pontification: On poetic freedom

At 17, Alameda County Youth Poet Laureate Zoe Dorado has a lot to say. She is the guest of this week’s episode and offers her view on the role of a poet laureate, and her place as a person of color in the poetry world.

Bear Necessities: Dancing Bears

From jazz music, swing dancing and everything in between, Muskaan talks to members of the swing community about dancing as not only a learning experience, but also a social and self-reflective experience that people can embrace in their own way.