Photo of a sunset over the ocean

l’appel du vide: A poem

It’s like reaching up with your fingers And scratching the sky with your nails. Garish gashes of fiery orange  Soak through —  Is that heaven or is it hell?    To tether at the edge Of the known world  With the colors of the sunset  Soaking into your soul — 
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photo of students studying in the library

Initiation: A poem

Autumn in Berkeley is the bathroom flooding from the rain  And going for a drink anyway Talking about which professors we prefer at the bar   Somehow there’s warmth in the gray sky No heater in a building that’s 200 years old Impostor syndrome fades away when We’re huddled around
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Photo of a record player

You feel like: A poem

Today, you felt like home.  / Usually you feel like childhood / Bittersweet / Like the mistakes of youth  / Like the times that make you cringe / But then immediately laugh / Because no matter how mortifying, / You’re still glad to have  / That story to tell 
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