Poetic Pontification: On word counts

In this episode, Melina sits down with yet another poet who displays their work on a fence. This time, Gary Turchin, a poet and writer for over 40 years, talks about the fence around his house as a place for self-publication, his work in elementary schools reciting poetry for kids,
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Poetic Pontification: On poetic community

Berkeley has been home to many poets in the past, and today is no different. This week, Melina sits down with Taylor Stoneman, a poet from Arizona, who found Berkeley to be the perfect place for her poetry to flourish.

Poetic Pontification: On Selfishness

In this episode, Melina sits down with 4 members of UC Berkeley’s Live Poets Society to talk all things poetry. They discuss topics from style and form to feelings and selfishness, and why poetry may be “the most selfish form of art.”

Poetic Pontification: On poetic freedom

At 17, Alameda County Youth Poet Laureate Zoe Dorado has a lot to say. She is the guest of this week’s episode and offers her view on the role of a poet laureate, and her place as a person of color in the poetry world.

Photo of a fern tree

The Staghorn Fern: A poem

It swings from aching wood above the yard, afloat, unbothered by an earthly weight; a strain of creaks and moans leaves silence scarred, as unreality unfurls and baits.   It seems to prosecute through nature’s reign, green scales atop its olden, rotting skin; the ropes are burrowed under, ever strained,
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photo of students studying in the library

Initiation: A poem

Autumn in Berkeley is the bathroom flooding from the rain  And going for a drink anyway Talking about which professors we prefer at the bar   Somehow there’s warmth in the gray sky No heater in a building that’s 200 years old Impostor syndrome fades away when We’re huddled around
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photo of Berkeley

Take a walk someplace new: A personal essay

Oct. 31 — Halloween day  I walked around the streets and neighborhoods of North and West Berkeley, basking in the late-afternoon glow of the sinking sun and the festive fervor in the air.  Sidewalks strewn with fallen leaves were crowded with families and kids, most of them dressed in costumes,
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