Person sitting on a hill with flowers

Sweet peas: A poem

Violet — I always thought it smelled like hope. Fuchsia — I always thought it tasted like rose hip tea. Pink — I always thought it felt like satin.   And all these colors intermingle Obscenely intertwining on the petals Of sweet peas twisting along the pavement Twining between my
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Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends with bulldozer pushing animals and plants off the edge

Where Civilization Ends: A poem

Disclaimer: The following poem is a parody of Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”   There is a place where civilization ends And the hills no longer roll, only streets that sting, And there the cement suffocates sweet wild And the sun seeks revenge with scorching revile And there is
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Silhouette of a person in a dress walking by a body of water during the sunset.

Moving Forward: A poem

We were raised in one home, We were whole within it     Together   It was ours We felt a sense of ownership, of constancy It was familiar, comforting, infinite   I never thought of leaving, Of saying goodbye To the memories To the pieces of me held inside  
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solstice: A haiku series

the sun and the moon: comrades of light, partners in temporary death.   the sun graces us, brings the hopeful morning and warms our skin and bones.   sunset — burns brighter, cotton candy, kerosene: day is laid to rest.   the moon protects us, keeps safe our whispered wishes,
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