Why you don’t care about politics

The right to choose

We all watch the news. We all recognize the famous public figures in the American political discourse: the president, a senator or two and maybe even your House Representative. We all have some opinion on the politics that govern our country. But rarely do we care about what these people
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UC Berkeley student rapper Kaila Love

Kaila Love, UC Berkeley third year political science major and rapper, talks about politics, how her personal experiences have influenced her music and what being a woman means to her.

The politics of hookups

The Devil's Advocate

In her provocatively titled new book “The End of Sex,” noted religion and sexuality scholar Donna Freitas does something rather unusual — she attacks the notorious college “hookup culture” from the feminist left. Commentators sometimes nostalgically lament the supposed collapse of courtship among young people. But as of late, feminists
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Congratulations, losers!

Man Under Bridge

Ah, Friday. Not just any Friday. This, my friends, is Good Friday. That day in April in when you can wake up and walk through Sproul, unaccosted by enormous signs bearing blown-up pictures of people you’ve never met shamelessly begging for your vote. Would I like a flier? You know, it’s not
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Paul and the political future

Given Insight

Hello, Casey! This is Ani from the Ron Paul for President campaign,” the voice on the other end of the line warmly greeted me as my heart began beating uncontrollably. “Ron is coming to San Francisco next Thursday, and we were wondering if you would be interested in arranging an
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