Gas stickers are not enough

On Thursday, the city of Berkeley’s Community Environmental Advisory Commission voted to move forward with a mandate for labels on gas pumps explaining that fuel usage produces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to climate change. A letter from the president of the petroleum association was immediately presented, claiming that such
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Transportation burns for change

When I was in eighth grade, school was canceled for a few days due to the amount of smoke in the air. The wind was blowing ash from wildfires in Yucaipa and Hesperia to our blacktop during our physical education class some 30 miles away. Friends and relatives from all
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Drug disposal responsibility

The need for medication take back programs

When we turn on the tap, we hope to enjoy a clean glass of water. However, more and more prescription drugs, such as anti-anxiety or anti-seizure medications and even hormones, are being found in our drinking water. With no consistent and convenient method of disposal, residents either stockpile unwanted drugs
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