Poopin’ around

It could come in the middle of your discussion. It could come while you’re giving a presentation. It probably comes as you’re exiting Crossroads. Whenever it comes, there’s no avoiding it — you’ve gotta poop. At UC Berkeley, there’s no shortage of toilets to receive your dump, but which ones
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Poop matters

How traditional waste management methods may be creating even more waste than the current system purports to dispose of

Would you believe me if I told you we are flushing our most valuable resources down the toilet? It’s simple: we eat, therefore we poop. And though we think of and treat this excrement as waste, it is full of the same nutrients we pump into our diets. Poop has in
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On the Dirty Boulevard

Man Under Bridge

The American Standard: What is it, or what should it be? Politicians, philosophers, art­ists and just about everyone else have some opinion on the subject. Perhaps it’s a claim to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Or maybe it’s an ideology more closely related to that intangible thing we
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