Ode to winter break

Gillian Perry/File

Oh winter break, You were a joy for me. You let me Netflix all day and all night, And you let me believe that life was alright.   Oh winter break, You let me see my dear friends again But surprised me with some old enemies too.   Oh winter
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Lost buildings mean lost history

Sale of main Berkeley post office building means loss of rich history

Students, like others who pass by the tents pitched on the steps of Berkeley’s century-old Downtown post office, may well wonder what all the fuss is about. After all, we’re all using the Internet now instead of popping letters to Mom in those disappearing street mailboxes, and the lines at
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Berkeley’s post office matters

Columnist is wrong to dismiss those who care about post office

I’m writing regarding the article “You don’t got mail” by Lynn Yu in the Feb. 21 issue. While I certainly am an advocate for and user of the Berkeley post office, perhaps equally important, I’m writing in defense of the great institution that is The Daily Californian. Recently, I’ve been
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You don’t got mail

Council Watch

“OMG, I use the post office all the time!” said no one ever. For all zero people at this school who regularly use snail mail to communicate, you may have heard of the proposed sale of the Downtown Berkeley Post Office. You may also not care. This, however, is not
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