The danger in being too comfortable

Not so funny, guise

It is one of the first things that makes students uncomfortable when moving to Berkeley — the widespread poverty. Encountering this social welfare problem tends to be strange because for the majority of students, this level of poverty is only seen on occasion and probably not seen in our hometowns.
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Broke like me

Broke in Berkeley

At the end of one of my classes last semester, I happened to glance over at the guy sitting next to me. My thoughts were elsewhere, but when my eyes caught sight of his backpack, I couldn’t avert my gaze. He was pretty well organized, and with a slot set
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Veteran in People’s Park speaks about homelessness

Veteran Kelly Johnson speaks about homelessness and his past.Surrounded by a pile of tattered backpacks, Kelly Johnson squints against the sun’s glare as he recollects the years he spent searching for a home. Johnson, 51, is one of the hundreds of homeless veterans that the Obama administration seeks to house
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