Illustration of person with laptop in the dark

PG&E power outage plan kept people in the dark

STATE AFFAIRS: Lack of communication on power outage contributed to unnecessary stress, confusion.

PG&E should’ve known that the outage would drive people to use the website; failing to prepare for that was a huge mistake on PG&E’s part. 
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If Garfield went to UC Berkeley

Garfield is the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip of its era. He’s such a relatable character that we could easily imagine him here at UC Berkeley. Here’s what a typical day might look like for him if he went to UC Berkeley. It would definitely include a lot of
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Power restored to College of Chemistry buildings after outage Tuesday

This article has been updated to reflect new information. Power was restored at 2:35 p.m. Tuesday in all College of Chemistry buildings after a power outage, according to campus spokesperson Janet Gilmore. Four buildings in the campus College of Chemistry lost power at 12:40 p.m., Gilmore said. Buildings with reported power outages
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