UC Berkeley School of Public Health releases plans to reduce harm, cultivate safe community

photo of the UC Berkeley public health building
Brian Bi/File
In an effort to better hold itself accountable, the UC Berkeley School of Public health released its "Principles of Community." The school aims to put principles of equity, belonging and harm prevention into effect.

The UC Berkeley School of Public Health released its “Principles of Community,” which outline a schoolwide commitment aimed at fostering a campus culture of inclusion, respect and safety for all.
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What does free speech cost?

As UC Berkeley braces itself for “Free Speech Week,” community members explore the implications of hateful rhetoric and its place on a college campus. Editorial: Right-wing student groups invite bigoted trolls to invade campus under guise of free speech The system doesn’t just allow them to plan these events. It’s
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UC Berkeley must commit to zero tolerance for hate

Now, many privileged communities strategically co-opt the concept of free speech to legitimize their open hatred of historically subordinated populations and to strategically disguise their prejudiced, dehumanizing ideologies as benign political opinion.
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Honor code plaques are unneeded

CAMPUS ISSUES: The effort to install more than 400 plaques bearing campus’s honor code suggests students lack honesty, integrity and respect.

The campus honor code, which was implemented during the 2012-13 school year, is a good-faith attempt to emphasize the importance of honesty and integrity in academics and social life at UC Berkeley. But the installation of plaques bearing the honor code in more than 400 classrooms throughout campus is an
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