Portrait of a Lauren on Fire

Off the Beat

At that age, I didn’t really know what a gay person was. I had grown up watching “The Birdcage” and “Will & Grace” with my mercifully liberal family.
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Saying the words

Miss Communication

I know from a small handful of experiences that when you meet someone famous in person, they’re usually shorter than you expect. Raymond Braun is only sort of famous and only sort of tall, but he stood a couple of inches above me, so his height surprised me. I interviewed
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Our generation demands equality

The Political Circus

Ten years ago, the count was at zero. This time next month, it will be at 15. The first state was Massachusetts, on May 17, 2004. The next state will be Hawaii, on Dec. 2, 2013. Same-sex marriage legislation is present in 14 states across the country, encompassing almost 109
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Weekly Recap: Feb. 3 – Feb. 10

Welcome to the fourth week of our Weekly Recap series. This week, the video covers the following events: -Saturday: Tedx Berkeley hosted a series of accomplished speakers to share their innovations with students and faculty. -Saturday: Berkeley Hackathon hosted yet another event in Soda Hall where students gathered and competed
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