June 5 Election Endorsements

So you’re not going to vote on Tuesday? You say primary elections don’t matter? Yes, President Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee, and Mitt Romney has already sewn up the requisite number of delegates on the GOP side. Dianne Feinstein is sure to be the Democratic nominee for Senate
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Smoke and mirrors

A $1.00 cigarette tax to fund cancer research benefits all Californians — smokers and nonsmokers. Vote ‘yes.’

When Philip Morris is spending more than $27 million to defeat a ballot measure, that’s a sign you might want to vote the other way. Proposition 29 is relatively straightforward. If passed, the cigarette tax in California will be increased by $1.00 per pack — and an equivalent tax will
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Sales tax proposition could increase funding for UC cancer research

A proposition to raise the sales tax on cigarettes may generate millions in new tax revenue, which could support currently underfunded cancer research at the University of California and other colleges. Proposition 29, also known as the California Cancer Research Act, is slated to appear on the June 5 presidential
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