Republicans want to freeze your tuition

In Sacramento, Republicans are fighting for students' interests

In November 2012, for the first time in more than two decades, Californians elected to directly raise taxes on themselves by passing Proposition 30 by a healthy 10-point margin. By passing Prop. 30, Californian voters affirmed their commitment to fully fund public education by sacrificing more of their paycheck with
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The state of student activism

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: As made clear this week, student activists are right to continue putting pressure on Sacramento, but need to refine their message.

For the most part, student activists got it right on Monday. Unlike last year, the demonstration in support of higher education in Sacramento passed without major incident, allowing focus to remain on students’ lobbying efforts. At the same time, though, the event may indicate that student activism is facing something
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Why California needs an oil tax

The tax would raise money to invest in our state’s future

Education is suffering. The economy is forcing too many people to rely on government assistance, and we are not doing enough to promote renewable energy. We have a problem when California, the ninth largest economy in the world, has a 9.8 percent unemployment rate. Enrollment at California community colleges has
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Not another tax, not now

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: A potential state oil severance tax proposed by students is unlikely to pass on the heels of Proposition 30’s recent victory.

Now is not the right time to push for the passage of a state oil severance tax. Certainly, a conversation about the issue is warranted — California is the fourth-largest oil producer in the country and one of the only such states without a severance tax. But passing the tax
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UC Berkeley students initiate campaign for oil tax

UC Berkeley students have initiated a campaign for an oil tax to generate funds for education among other government entities. Californians for Responsible Economic Development – the student-run committee – hopes to repeat the success of Proposition 30 by focusing on mobilizing students.
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Reinvesting, strings attached

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget rightfully gives more money to the UC system, but seeks too many restrictions.

Sacramento is finally starting to seriously reverse its divestment from higher education. With the state beginning to emerge from a deep slump of deficits and spending cuts, Gov. Jerry Brown earlier this month announced a budget plan for the next fiscal year that proposes sorely needed increased funding to the
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UC funding fight continues

In the 2012 general election, young people turned out to vote in droves, with numbers similar to the historic turnout in 2008. In California, this vote helped drive Proposition 30’s resounding victory, preventing huge additional cuts to higher education. The role of students in this victory expanded beyond simply turning
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