A year in review

January: Anthropology Library Occupation After a group of demonstrators occupied the campus anthropology library, the campus administration agreed to restore its previously curtailed hours. February 18: Death of Peter Cukor Controversy arose after a Berkeley resident was killed while police were monitoring an Occupy protest nearby. February: Occupy Emails Administrators’
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Raising concerns for Dirks

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley chancellor-designate Nicholas Dirks should not have been given a pay increase above his predecessor’s salary.

The UC Board of Regents has forced UC Berkeley’s next chancellor into an awkward position. Earlier this week, the regents inappropriately awarded Nicholas Dirks, who will replace Robert Birgeneau as chancellor in June, a $50,000 pay increase above his predecessor’s salary. While the extra funding for Dirks’ pay will not
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The fight to save education must continue

Lately, my friends have been asking me: “Proposition 30 just passed… so why mobilize?” In the relief following a narrow escape from a 20.3 percent fee hike, it seems like a reasonable question. As the pre-election panic subsides and we return to our schoolwork exhausted but reassured that we’re safe
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Staring down the barrel of Proposition 30


In the aftermath of Proposition 30, the ASUC cannot rest on its laurels. Education was held hostage by California lawmakers in the sights of a gun whose trigger would have been pulled if the proposition failed. Though the success of the proposition means that the trigger has remained locked, it
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Budget approved by UC Regents Wednesday unrealistic, governor says

At its meeting Wednesday, the UC Board of Regents approved the UC’s 2013-2014 budget —  despite objections from Gov. Jerry Brown and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom that the plan is unrealistic. The plan calls for state funding to the University of California to increase by more than $267 million next
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