An opportunity for leadership

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The UC Student Association’s next president, Raquel Morales, appears to understand the need for more transparency in the UCSA.

UC San Diego senior Raquel Morales has a daunting task ahead of her. As the newly elected president of the UC Student Association, she is charged with representing and holding herself accountable to thousands of students systemwide. And given recent criticism of the UCSA board, she has an opportunity to
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Unleash your inner voter


Help students cross the brink of apathy in order to vote this November. Non-partisan support in this effort — in terms of ASUC and American politics — must align to ensure that the student voice be heard around this city, this state, and this country. CalSERVE tarnished the fight for Proposition 30 with partisan exclusion in the ASUC Senate this fall, and that type of behavior cannot have a place in the ASUC Vote Coalition.
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ASUC Senate Meeting Agenda Sept. 19

UC Berkeley’s Olympic athletes will be formally recognized at Wednesday’s ASUC Senate meeting for their success at the 2012 Olympic Games. The ASUC will also introduce a number of bills at the meeting, including one to commemorate the life of UC Berkeley alum and U.S. ambassador to Libya J. Christopher
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Opposition exclusion

CAMPUS ISSUES: When the ASUC Senate makes big political moves like endorsing Proposition 30, it should take the time to hear opposing opinions.

Contrary to the ASUC Senate’s apparent belief, not everyone on campus supports Proposition 30. At a largely liberal institution like UC Berkeley, it’s easy to assume that the student body would be in favor of raising taxes to stave off hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to California’s public
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Make student voices heard in the city this fall

Register to vote in Berkeley and have an active voice in local politics

This year, Cal students have an unprecedented opportunity to have a voice in local Berkeley politics. Currently, Cal students make up about a quarter of Berkeley’s population, but in the last half century, only one student has been elected to Berkeley City Council. The Free Speech Movement — the apex
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