Get educated on the measures and go vote

Students can make difference by casting vote in election this fall

It’s been easy to overlook the youth vote — until recently, we’ve been seen as an immobilized voting bloc, to be recruited as volunteers rather than to be courted as a constituency. However, we challenged that notion in 2008 when we more than tripled our turnout as one of the
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Campus thrives on global scale

Budget cuts to university, campus may compromise success if tax initiative fails to pass

Walking about campus this week, I am buoyed by the energy and vitality of our students as they flood back onto campus, filled with the excitement of studying at one of the world’s great universities. We are starting the new term basking in the glow of UC Berkeley’s all-round excellence,
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A vote for democracy

STATE ISSUES: We support a California bill that would allow voter registration on Election Day, benefiting students and the state as a whole.

Even in the 2008 election, which had the highest percentage turnout in decades, more than one-third of the country’s 18-and-over population did not vote. Assembly Bill 1436, which would allow California voter registration on Election Day, probably would not make a huge dent in that statistic.
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Begrudging acceptance

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The regents’ decision to increase fees on professional degree programs is better than another tuition hike on undergrads.

It comes with some level of dejection that we begrudgingly endorse the regents’ decision to increase fees on 50 of 57 professional degree programs. When it comes to UC tuition, the frame of discussion has shifted — no longer is the question if there will be increases but how much and when and to whom.
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