Why we should be selling sex

Sex on Tuesday

Prostitution, what some might consider to be humanity’s oldest occupation, is today heavily scrutinized as an immoral and deviant form of objectifying one’s body for money.
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Legalize prostitution now

Prostitution has always existed and will likely always exist. Despite a societal emphasis on monogamy or polygyny, and despite the criminalization of the industry, the profession persists all over the world. In the places where prostitution is legal, sex workers have more rights. They can expect the cooperation of law enforcement when they are the victims of robbery or assault. They are regulated by laws that require their regular medical testing for public safety in many countries. They can even unionize.
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The marriage of sugar daddies and prostitution

Sex on Blogday

With UC Berkeley semesterly tuition and fees set around $4,792 for California residents and $18,931 for non-Californians, money is tight. And these numbers don’t account for overpriced housing, food or textbooks. But what if I told you that there may be someone out there who is willing to help pay
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SEX ON TUESDAY: Questions for a call girl

It is 8 p.m. on a Friday night, and I have a date with one of San Francisco’s most notorious escorts. Samantha Spiegel, also known as Farrah Habiba, has agreed to meet me in Pacific Heights for a drink at the Lion Pub. As I am getting seated, Samantha walks
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