To the Left

Public school curriculum is determined by state and local authorities. Each state has the power to pick and choose the information it feeds to its children.
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Illustration of teacher and students in classroom

Our public schools are nothing without our teachers

STATE AFFAIRS: Educators ought to be at the forefront of Berkeley voters’ minds come election season.

While it’s a pity that the state hasn’t yet prioritized grade school education, it’s on Berkeley voters to keep teachers in the district and let them do what they do best. 
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Panels showing person studying in school and then protesting with sign that reads "I stand with Oakland teachers"

Berkeley students must support Oakland teachers’ strike

After more than a year of contract negotiations in which the Oakland Unified School District has not met teachers’ demands, the Oakland Education Association, or OEA, announced that it would go on strike this Thursday. The OEA, which represents almost 3,000 public school teachers in the school district, supports teachers who are fighting for common good demands such as smaller class sizes, more school nurses and counselors, more funding for classroom supplies, higher wages and better work conditions for teachers. T
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Roll on Bears, roll on

I am graduating with nothing before me. I should be overtly anxious and scrambling, fumbling for a semblance of stability in the postgrad world, but instead I feel calm. Deep down inside, I have a gut feeling that everything will work out fine. Here’s why: I am about to graduate
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