Historic California Theatre permanently closed after denied lease renewal

photo of the California Theatre
Hsi-Min Chan/Staff
Following the decision to deny lease renewal, Landmark’s California Theatre on Shattuck Avenue and Oxford is set to permanently close. The COVID-19 pandemic and reliance on external contracts with landowners have contributed to this loss of a historic Berkeley landmark.

High school student Ryland Walker Knight sat on the edge of his seat, eyes peeled open at the movie screen ahead. Struck by the beauty of the production, he dragged his friend to Berkeley’s California Theater for their second screening of Inland Empire in two days.  
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Quentin Tarantino and desensitization to violence

There seems to be a sentiment among moviegoers that cinema presents us with a completely apolitical experience. The word “entertainment” is often thrown around in defense of movies with tenuous moral premises. People say, “It’s mere entertainment,” or, “It’s just fun.” Seen in this light, movies are an escape from
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Tradition vs. artistry at the Oscars: On the legacy of the snubbed classic

Why the movies that have lost out for Best Picture supersede the winners, and why the ‘La La Land’ vs. ‘Moonlight’ battle is different

As the final announcement of the 2017 Academy Awards arrived, I watched as a smiling Faye Dunaway took the Best Picture envelope from Warren Beatty’s hands. I knew exactly what she was going to say. It was basically a lock at this point, right? Just another box to check off
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The wisdom gained from my mustache

Lost in Confusion

I spent much of my college years thinking about all the wonderful things I would accomplish in the future. Maybe I will one day direct the next “Pulp Fiction” or write the next “The Sound and the Fury” or cook a dinner that isn’t a frozen, pre-made meal from Trader
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Tunesday: Songs That Make a Scene

In case your summer media indulgence has taken a dip, Tunesday will help you get right back on track. This week’s playlist takes iconic scenes from movies that simply would not be the same without the musical overlay. Therefore it is not only a collection of notable tracks but also
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