UC Berkeley alumna launches GoFundMe page to teach women coding in Africa

Photo of GoFundMe campaign
David McAllister/Staff
Afro Fem Coders is a program launched by UC Berkeley alumna Gloria Tumushabe. It currently supports young women pursuing coding through initiatives such as project-based teaching, as well as career mentorship.

UC Berkeley alumna Gloria Tumushabe launched a GoFundMe campaign to purchase internet and laptops for women in sub-Saharan Africa as part of a larger effort to empower and teach young women to code.
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Computer Science: an ever-evolving discipline

In the 1960s, computer science students didn’t program behind a computer screen. Instead, they wrote their programs on paper and then sent them to be processed by a computer. As a result, said electrical engineering and computer science professor emeritus William Kahan, a single mistake could cost students hours —
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