UC Berkeley needs to fund, support mentorship for LGTBQ+ students

Three Cal students in a room with LGBTQ+ flags on the walls
Katrina Romulo/Staff

When both queer and trans adults and adolescents struggle to stay afloat, it’s time to deploy life-saving tools and tactics. Proactive mentorship should always be the first line of defense. UC Berkeley administrators must learn to prioritize mentorship programs for queer and trans students on campus before the tidal wave of queer and trans oppression takes us under.
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Unsettled Settler

I’m not ashamed of disclosing my sexual orientation anymore. I now can confidently take my girlfriend’s hand and kiss her in public and no longer tremble when someone condemns me, saying I’m going to hell or calls me a bull dyke.
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Tell him, boy, bi

Sex on Tuesday

Since then, I’ve been learning and relearning how to fully embrace my sexuality. I thought that the ending of my relationship would be the last time my body and sexuality were directly policed — but I was wrong. I am still constantly being regulated and policed by society’s toxic expectations of what it means to be a bisexual woman of color.
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Be kindr to Grindr

Off the Beat

I realize now how essential access to LGBTQ+-centered spaces — online or in person — is to queer and questioning youth. Online communities provide us with the education, support and affirmation the rest of the world does not offer us.
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Gender and other side effects

Work in Progress

Nancy Drew, for all her feminist merits, is more or less the “ideal” woman, complete with neatly ironed skirts and a loving boyfriend — both things that I could not see myself ever being interested in, although I did have eyes for her.
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