Who We Are S01 E04

Opinion editors Aidan Bassett and Kat Shok address the importance of allyship in the queer community, examining the intersection of queerness with race as they discuss how queer people should be allies — and how nonqueer people can best practice LGBTQ+ solidarity.

Am I woke yet?


What’s whiter than a 4-month-old jar of mayonnaise? An Ashkenazi Jew. It’s always amusing when people express their shock that I, a woman paler than Casper the Friendly Ghost, am ethnically Middle Eastern.
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UC Regents must address discrimination on campus

How many sex discrimination and harassment complaints against the University of California does it take for the UC Board of Regents to understand that it has a very serious problem on its hands and take action? I am a longtime plaintiffs civil rights and employment attorney in Oakland and a
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Retracted: Between the labels

Mixed Feelings

By now, we should have eliminated all race-related terms from our vocabulary, deleted all racial inquiries from surveys and begun to undo centuries of injustices. And yet, because social change will always advance slower than science, race still means everything in our society.
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