New subcommittee on Urban Shield should side against the program

CITY ISSUES: Berkeley City Council’s refusal to side with resident protest has ultimately failed citizens

Four days before Berkeley City Council voted to continue the Urban Shield police training program, the police officer who killed Philando Castile was acquitted by a jury of his peers. Only a week later, BPD faced new allegations of racial profiling from UC Berkeley student Ismael Chamu. In Berkeley and
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Police policies affect people of color disproportionately

The NAACP has always operated using the principles of emotional intelligence and civility; accordingly, I will continue to encourage all people, police and citizen alike, to think about what’s in their and the communities’ best interest before they act. Citizens must always question unjust acts and challenge bigotry; however, I will encourage people of color to respond in a measured and tactical manner that reduces the possibility of them being harmed which will further erode the already fractious relationship that far too many citizens of color have with the Berkeley Police Department (BPD).
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