Ninety percent chance of rain

Critical Musings

Summer is coming. In the mostly temperate Berkeley, its approach can be subtle. There are fewer jackets in the morning, more nakedness on Memorial Glade in the afternoon. There are landlords happily waiting outside of their May-to-May lease properties for their fifth showing today, residents inside those apartments wondering when
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Rain expected to end Friday night

After nearly a week of on-and-off heavy showers, the rain in the Bay Area is expected to clear up by Friday night. Currently shrouded in clouds, Berkeley will likely see scattered showers with a slight chance of thunderstorms throughout Friday, according to the National Weather Service. However, the rain is
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Ode to a rainy day

Oh Rain, you great equalizer of men. You care not for gender, age or socioeconomic position. You take them as they come and readily open up your cold, wet embrace to the masses. When you decide to unleash your fervor unto the world, though some might call it wrath, there
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