#YesAllWomen, fear, and sexual assault

The #YesAllWomen feed is a refuge where we can express our fear of misogyny. We all carry tragic stories that weigh us down, because our culture tells us again and again to stay silent, to carry pepper spray and dress “modestly,” and to forget our pasts and move on. When you critique the #YesAllWomen hashtag, our refuge from suffocating silence, we hear another voice threatening to silence us and deny us our fear and our grief.
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Anti-trafficking movement is not just a trend

I had only a faint idea of what human trafficking was when I walked into the New Life Center Foundation in early 2012. The NLCF is a rehabilitative center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for young girls who have survived abuse and exploitation. Many of them have been separated from their
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Protecting the campus

As a sexual assault survivor from high school, my healing process began when I came to UC Berkeley and confronted my experience — something I had chosen to ignore for a long time. As an ASUC senator, I worked to raise awareness about the issue of sexual assault with the
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Consent campaign is a win

CAMPUS ISSUES: ASUC President DeeJay Pepito’s consent awareness campaign demonstrates CalSERVE can follow through on promises

As a candidate for the ASUC presidency in the spring, DeeJay Pepito promised to work toward a safer campus climate regarding sexual assault. A few months into her term as president, Pepito has not disappointed. Unveiled last week by the ASUC office of the president, the Cal Consent Campaign is
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Time to respect the students

CAMPUS ISSUES: If an investigation into sexual assault mishandling takes place at UC Berkeley, the administration will need to revise its Student Code of Conduct.

It shouldn’t be hard for college students who are sexually assaulted on campus to file complaints with their campus administrations. But recently, reports from across the country have shown that these administrations might not be doing all they need to do to promote a safe campus environment. We hope this
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Help us give support to sexual violence victims

UC Berkeley sexual violence survivors speak out on awareness efforts

We came to Berkeley counting on the university’s vibrant history of activism and civil rights to guide our education inside and outside of the classroom. But contrary to its reputation for social justice, we believe UC Berkeley has had a long and documented history of silencing survivors of sexual violence
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