Navigating Telegraph Avenue

Natalie Dardaine /Staff

One of the most culturally iconic places in Berkeley can be found at the Southern edge of UC Berkeley’s campus on Telegraph Avenue. The street is a bright, eclectic hub of activity, hosting a diverse range of people and colorful Berkeley characters. The avenue stretches all the way from the
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Great places to go gift shopping for your friends

It’s crunch time. Your best friend’s, roommate’s or significant other’s birthday is coming up quickly, gaining on you after weeks and weeks of procrastination until it’s right on your tail. Stop right there. Before you self-induce a panic attack, look around you. You’re in Berkeley — one of the most
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Scoop Dreams vs. CREAM

I was a fat kid. Standing on the chewed asphalt of De Portola Elementary, I watched my schoolmates play handball. I sucked my stomach inward and held my breath. The thrumming of the red plastic sphere made me cringe, so I tried to look introspective. Nobody ever asked me to
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Resurgence of vinyl turns tables on methods of musical discovery

Our relationship with music has turned into a somewhat cold affair. The intimacy with, the investment in and the intense consumption of tunes prevalent in past times has abruptly transitioned into nonchalant pirating and streaming. And although streaming is a great way for varying kinds of music to reach a
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The creaming of a Dream

CITY AFFAIRS: Plans to build a new ice cream shop on Telegraph Avenue would have little to no chance of succeeding.

History has a tendency to repeat itself in Berkeley. Imagine if Telegraph Avenue did the same thing on a microcosmic level: We could have two vacant lots positioned opposite one another (each with little hope for new construction) along with two age-old record stores (both experiencing waning business over the
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