Dining halls: The good, the bad, the ugly

Dining halls are a staple part of the UC Berkeley experience. But what do students really think about their food experience at Crossroads, Cafe 3, Foothill and Clark Kerr? And what are their thoughts on the best dining hall?  

Photo of Bianca Lee

The stars have spoken

Head in the Cloud

In my pursuit for “the best,” I found myself seduced by the rhetoric of convenience and forgetting the fulfillment in authentically discovering something new on my own.
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Things that have lasted longer than Trump’s approval rating

When Barack Obama took office, it took him 936 days to reach majority disapproval in the Gallup presidential approval polls. For Bill Clinton, it took 573 days. For George W. Bush, it took 1,205 days. President Trump, however? Eight days. After spewing out several highly controversial executive orders, including the
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Search for the best vegetarian burrito: La Burrita edition

Everyone loves a good burrito, whether it’s carne asada or covered in sauce and cheese — there’s no denying the thrall a tortilla-wrapped bean and cheese has on us all. But when one is a vegetarian, the options can become rather limited. Therefore, the vegetarian contingent at The Daily Clog have
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