Recipes for body and lip scrub and golden milk latte

Get your zen on! Easy DIY spa night ideas for your dorm

For UC Berkeley students, midterm season is the absolute worst time — other than finals, of course. Needless to say, cold and rainy weather coupled with exams doesn’t make things any easier on your stress levels. This quick and easy guide offers three ways to get your zen on — all within the confines of your own dorm!
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A white bowl filled with orange soup and strips of corn chips and avocado.

It’s Hurricane Tortilla! — A warm tortilla soup recipe

We seem to be faced with the brunt of the cold, rainy weather here in Berkeley lately. Whether you decide to pull a Marie Kondo and let the rain spark joy in you or simply use the rain as an excuse to skip class, here is a tortilla soup recipe to warm you up and prepare your mind (and stomach) for the natural elements.
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