A sorority girl in the making

A Greek Tragedy

Weeks before I left for California, I spent my afternoon researching UC Berkeley and what clubs and societies there were to get involved in. Pictures of sorority houses and sisterhood events flooded my webpage, and it seemed to me like sororities were so essential to the American college experience.
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If Hogwarts had sorority recruitment

Imagine Harry Potter climbing out of those boats with Ron and Hagrid in his first year only to be greeted by Professor McGonagall screaming and clapping for Harry to come join Gryffindor, the best house in the Great Hall. During this hectic time of sorority recruitment, we here at the
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What a rush: finding your niche on campus

We all want to be liked, we’ve all thrown ourselves out there and felt the sting of rejection. So when you see the parade of formally attired, perfumed and, at this point, unjaded, unlabeled, fresh-faced PNMs on Piedmont Avenue next week, try to understand what they’re going through. With their
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Spring breakdown


The tight feeling in my chest began on the drive home during one spring break evening. What started so innocently as dinner and “Zootopia” ended with discussions of the future, about already-made summer plans and already-landed internships. Now, as my hands gripped the steering wheel, my heart thumped loudly, straining
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