Sex and Sensibility

Sex on Tuesday

Subconsciously, I think about things to avoid feeling things. In the heat of the moment, however, sex makes it hard to think. And even if thoughtless sex can sometimes be risky, I love escaping my head.
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A person at a cafe considering a paper and a plastic cup

Students should stop treating recycling as the solution

When you aren’t put face to face with the heaping mounds of trash you’ve created, it’s easy to avoid taking responsibility for them. And when placed side by side with midterms and project deadlines, UC Berkeley students might find it hard to prioritize global waste issues.
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Sustainable commencement

CAMPUS ISSUES: Graduation caps and gowns should be made more sustainably and include plans for recycling and reuse.

The UC Berkeley campus has made significant efforts toward sustainability, and the city of Berkeley has a commitment to achieve zero waste by 2020. But the standard cap and gown set is still an expensive ecological waste item. Graduation gowns such as the ones manufactured by UC Berkeley’s choice label
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Sustainability and the Berkeley Bubble

Grass Roots

I realized I was outside of the Berkeley Bubble when I noticed my friends back home had two trashcans in their kitchen. Both filled with trash. My hands at the time were filled with various bottles and cans from the night before, and as I looked around desperately searching for
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City Council moves toward expanding recycling practices

In an effort to reduce its plastic waste output, Berkeley City Council is looking into increasing the scope of the city’s recycling practices. At its meeting Tuesday evening, the council voted unanimously to refer the Zero Waste Commission to investigate the possibility of expanding the type of plastic that the
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